skbio.stats.p_value_to_str(p_value, permutations)[source]

Format p-value as a string with the correct number of decimals.


Deprecated in scikit-bio 0.2.1-dev p_value_to_str will be removed in scikit-bio 0.3.0. Permutation-based p-values in scikit-bio are calculated as (num_extreme + 1) / (num_permutations + 1), so it is impossible to obtain a p-value of zero. This function historically existed for correcting the number of digits displayed when obtaining a p-value of zero. Since this is no longer possible, this functionality will be removed.

Number of decimals is determined by the number of permutations.


p_value : float or None

p-value to convert to string.

permutations : int

Number of permutations used to calculate p_value.



p_value formatted as a string with the correct number of decimals. If p_value is None or np.nan, 'N/A' is returned. If permutations is less than 10, a message stating insufficient number of permutations is returned.