, format=None, into=None, verify=True, mode='U', **kwargs)[source]

Read a supported skbio file format into an instance or a generator.

This function is able to reference and execute all registered read operations in skbio.


fp : filepath or filehandle

The location to read the given format into. Filepaths are automatically closed when read; filehandles are the responsibility of the caller. In the case of a generator, a filepath will be closed when StopIteration is raised; filehandles are still the responsibility of the caller.

format : str, optional

The format must be a format name with a reader for the given into class. If a format is not provided or is None, all registered sniffers for the provied into class will be evaluated to attempt to guess the format. Default is None.

into : type, optional

A class which has a registered reader for a given format. If into is not provided or is None, read will return a generator. Default is None.

verify : bool, optional

Whether or not to confirm the format of a file if format is provided. Will raise a if the sniffer of format returns False. Default is True.

mode : str, optional

The read mode. This is passed to open(fp, mode) internally. Default is ‘U’

kwargs : dict, optional

Will be passed directly to the appropriate reader.


object or generator

If into is not None, an instance of the into class will be provided with internal state consistent with the provided file. If into is None, a generator will be returned.



Raised when format and into are both None.

Raised when a reader could not be found for a given format or the format could not be guessed.

Raised when verify is True and the sniffer of a format provided a kwarg value that did not match the user’s kwarg value.