, format=None, into=None, verify=True, **kwargs)[source]

Read file as format into an object.

State: Stable as of 0.4.0.


file : openable (filepath, URL, filehandle, etc.)

The file to read. Something that is understood by

format : str, optional

The format of the file if known. If None, the format will be inferred from the file.

into : type or None, optional

The object which will be returned. If None, a generator will be returned.

verify : bool, optional

When True, will double check the format if provided.

kwargs : dict, optional

Keyword arguments will be passed to their respective handlers ( and the reader for format)


object or generator

An instance of into if into is not None else generator



Raised when format and into are both None.


Raised when a reader could not be found for a given format or the format could not be guessed.


Raised when verify is True and the sniffer of a format did not agree that file is a member of format


Raised when verify is True and a user-supplied argument is overriding the suggestion provided by the sniffer of format.