skbio.alignment.local_pairwise_align_ssw(sequence1, sequence2, **kwargs)[source]

Align query and target sequences with Striped Smith-Waterman.

State: Experimental as of 0.4.0.


sequence1 : DNA, RNA, or Protein

The first unaligned sequence

sequence2 : DNA, RNA, or Protein

The second unaligned sequence



TabularMSA object containing the aligned sequences, alignment score (float), and start/end positions of each input sequence (iterable of two-item tuples). Note that start/end positions are indexes into the unaligned sequences.


This is a wrapper for the SSW package [R111].

For a complete list of optional keyword-arguments that can be provided, see skbio.alignment.StripedSmithWaterman.

The following kwargs will not have any effect: suppress_sequences, zero_index, and protein

If an alignment does not meet a provided filter, None will be returned.


[R111](1, 2) Zhao, Mengyao, Wan-Ping Lee, Erik P. Garrison, & Gabor T. Marth. “SSW Library: An SIMD Smith-Waterman C/C++ Library for Applications”. PLOS ONE (2013). Web. 11 July 2014.