, file, format=None, into=None, verify=True, **kwargs)[source]

Read file as format into an object.

State: Stable as of 0.4.0.


file : openable (filepath, URL, filehandle, etc.)

The file to read. Something that is understood by

format : str, optional

The format of the file if known. If None, the format will be inferred from the file.

into : type or None, optional

The object which will be returned. If None, a generator will be returned.

verify : bool, optional

When True, will double check the format if provided.

kwargs : dict, optional

Keyword arguments will be passed to their respective handlers ( and the reader for format). newline cannot be provided.


object or generator

An instance of into if into is not None else generator



Raised when format and into are both None.


If newline is provided in kwargs.


Raised when a reader could not be found for a given format or the format could not be guessed.


Raised when verify is True and the sniffer of a format did not agree that file is a member of format


Raised when verify is True and a user-supplied argument is overriding the suggestion provided by the sniffer of format.