skbio.util.assert_data_frame_almost_equal(left, right)[source]

Raise AssertionError if pd.DataFrame objects are not “almost equal”.

State: Experimental as of 0.4.0.

Wrapper of pd.util.testing.assert_frame_equal. Floating point values are considered “almost equal” if they are within a threshold defined by assert_frame_equal. This wrapper uses a number of checks that are turned off by default in assert_frame_equal in order to perform stricter comparisons (for example, ensuring the index and column types are the same). It also does not consider empty pd.DataFrame objects equal if they have a different index.

Other notes:

  • Index (row) and column ordering must be the same for objects to be equal.
  • NaNs (np.nan) in the same locations are considered equal.

This is a helper function intended to be used in unit tests that need to compare pd.DataFrame objects.

Parameters:right (left,) – pd.DataFrame objects to compare.
Raises:AssertionError – If left and right are not “almost equal”.

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