skbio.util.assert_ordination_results_equal(left, right, ignore_method_names=False, ignore_axis_labels=False, ignore_directionality=False, decimal=7)[source]

Assert that ordination results objects are equal.

State: Experimental as of 0.4.0.

This is a helper function intended to be used in unit tests that need to compare OrdinationResults objects.

  • right (left,) – Ordination results to be compared for equality.
  • ignore_method_names (bool, optional) – Ignore differences in short_method_name and long_method_name.
  • ignore_axis_labels (bool, optional) – Ignore differences in axis labels (i.e., column labels).
  • ignore_directionality (bool, optional) – Ignore differences in directionality (i.e., differences in signs) for attributes samples, features and biplot_scores.

AssertionError – If the two objects are not equal.