GrammaredSequence.find_with_regex(regex, ignore=None)[source]

Generate slices for patterns matched by a regular expression.

State: Stable as of 0.4.0.

  • regex (str or regular expression object) – String to be compiled into a regular expression, or a pre- compiled regular expression object (e.g., from calling re.compile).

  • ignore (1D array_like (bool) or iterable (slices or ints), optional) – Indicate the positions to ignore when matching.


slice – Location where the regular expression matched.


>>> from skbio import Sequence
>>> s = Sequence('AATATACCGGTTATAA')
>>> for match in s.find_with_regex('(TATA+)'):
...     match
...     str(s[match])
slice(2, 6, None)
slice(11, 16, None)